Dimitri's logbook
Dimitri Verhulst stayed several days at the shelter of Arendonk for the Flemish magazine Deus ex Machina.
What he witnessed touched him deeply and motivated him to write Problemski Hotel.
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Dimitri Verhulst is the award winning author of poetry, plays, and fifteen novels. He has won the Libris Prize, one of the most prestigious literature prizes in the Dutch language, and his work has appeared in 25 languages. His novel Problemski Hotel has been inscribed in the List of the Unesco Collection of Representative Works and the movie based on The Misfortunates won the Prix Art et Essai at The Cannes Film Festival. He lives in Belgium.

A comic novel on a very serious subject. Dimitri Verhulst, an investigative journalist, had himself locked up in the asylum-seekers center at Arendonk for several days for a Flemish magazine. He then wrote a magazine article, but the experience would not let go of him. He wrote this comic, unabashedly politically incorrect novel, which is told from the perspective of asylum-seeker Bipul Masli, a press photographer from Somalia. The action takes place in an asylum-seekers center in Belgium in the final weeks of 2001.

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